10 ways to SEO

10 steps to SEO

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEO is the process of configuring your website along certain guidelines so it shows up higher in the organic search results. The organic results are those that are free and they don’t say “sponsored results” which are paid for.
This is obviously very useful for any business since most users google anything they are looking for.

Here are some of the basics for optimizing your website, although I recommend using professional services, like us to do these tasks, you are free to do them yourself.

1: Create page titles that are accurate. It should tell the search engines and users what the page is about.

2: Provide a short description of what the content is about in the “description” meta tag. Make sure you use unique descriptions for each page.

3: Make your URL’s user friendly and human readable if possible.

4: Make your site easy to navigate. If your site is easy to navigate for users it will also be easy for search engine crawlers.

5: Create a site map that shows the structure of your site. It is basically a hierarchical listing of the content on your site.

6: Make it easy to navigate your site by providing intuitive navigation from general content to specific content.

7: Offer quality content as that will create repeated visits and natural links and shares.

8: Optimize your images and use the alt tag to describe the image.

9: Use heading tags to emphasize a topic.

10: Configure mobile sites so that they can be indexed accurately.

This should help you get started but it is just the beginning of optimizing a site. There are other ways, like paid listings to get to the top listing and I will post some info on that also.

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