7 Secrets to Starting an Online Business

1: Find some need in your knowledge domain and fill it.
You will need to analyze your skillset and determine if you meet the minimum completion to be an expert and convey that to your clients.

2: Create a well designed responsive website.
This is crucial! Your site must be built with modern technologies with the ability to scale as you grow. Do not attempt to be penny wise – pound foolish with this . It is the internet equivalent of a brick and mortar store. Sure you can get a bright 12 year old to do it, but it will also look and function as if a 12 year old built it. Not a good impression for trust in your product or service.

3: Drive traffic with social media and search engines.
Use targeted social media organic and paid to drive traffic to your site. Pay per click advertising can become very expensive very quickly so be sure you monitor and analyze your campaigns.

4: Remember the first 3.

5: Create a subscription model and follow up with email marketing.
Capture users email by offering some incentive like free ebook etc. if they sign up. Then follow up with email marketing.

6: Use cross selling and up selling techniques.
Generate additional sales by promoting related products and services.

7: There is no 7th.

Creating a custom application and communicating the idea to a development team can be costly if you are inexperienced in this area. Most entrepreneurs try to refine the idea as the development team builds out their idea and this can lead to cost overruns and possibly unstable code , if the application has intrinsic complexity.

At Crystal Studios Web Design we provide custom web development. Modern platforms that communicate your business sophistication and willingness to meet the needs of the modern tech saavy consumer. We have several pre-made turnkey solutions that require minimal investment to get started in running a successful online enterprise.

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