A Website or Facebook Page.

You need both! And then some.

As a small business owner , it is a burden to manage a business and create an effective online presence. However most new potential customers will research a business online before committing to a purchase or requesting more information. So it is crucial to your business success that your online presence be professional and compatible with the many devices that will be used to access your services.

So where do you set up your shop online? On Facebook , a standalone website, twitter? There are so many choices.
A Facebook business page is a must! Here you can interact with your customers in real time, encourage them to share, comment , like, review and so on. The focus is interaction on Facebook and it’s fairly easy to create.

A website is a must also! Here you can give a more in-depth look at your business . You have full creative control , to provide a unique experience to your client. Although less interactive than facebook or other social media, it is a virtual representation of your physical store, expressing your unique style.

Your website can incorporate all your social media in one place, giving the user the choice to connect with you on their favorite, most visited platform. You comment once on your website and send to all varieties of social media.

In conclusion you must have a strong social media presence and a website to incorporate them all.