Facebook A/B Testing

A/B Testing Facebook

Testing the ad creative.

So you have decided on a Facebook marketing campaign and it’s time to create the ad. You are faced with the issue of the right design, colors , message and so on. Clicks cost real money therefore your ad must have maximum impact to induce a click that will perform some action you’ve determined. Unfortunately there is no way to tell how your ad will perform until you run it over a period of time and measure the results.

However there is the process of A/B testing in Facebook which allows you to generate several creatives and serve them to your target audience. It works like this, suppose you want to target a specific audience in Union County, you can create several different ad creative for that audience. Facebook will randomly serve the ads and measure the results. You are able to see how the ads are performing in the Ad Manager Control Panel. You can even split your audience and sever different ads and see which group responded more favorably.

That is the basic idea behind A/B Testing. Armed with this knowledge you can further optimize your ad or update your offer or site if the results are not what you desired.

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