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Apple has claimed that their New 4th Generation TV is the “Future of Television”. After building apps for it and experiencing it for almost a month now, I have to agree. It is the future of Television, and will say it is a radical change of the TV watching experience in the limited time most of us have.

So it works like this, there is a TV app store that is installed by Apple on the device. You open the app store by
clicking on the remote and then you see some featured apps. The usual big players like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Crossy
Road, Showtime, The Bible etc.  Then there is the search section where you find tons of great/not so great apps.

Install an app, now you can access whatever content the App Channel provides ON DEMAND. Some apps are free some have a cost involved.

For eg. we created an app called “Caribbean Cooking” which features Cuisiner Martina Jackson cooking exotic Caribbean dishes. Now imagine yourself waking up and trying to decide what to cook today? You ask Siri “Open Caribbean Cooking” it will  open the app and now you can browse by swiping , through the collection. You find a recipe you like, click and watch.

This is far superior to flipping through channels because you forgot what number the channel is on cable and then you have to watch whatever is on at that moment.
If you want to go to another Channel App say “Open Netflix” …channel changed.
You dont get out of bed (if you have a tv in bedroom). The same with excercise channels, ask siri the weather, and in my case, I get the NYC Channel 7 ABC App  so i can see clips of the news stories and even live TV. You dont have
to sit through things that you are not of interest. Need some words of wisdom? open the Bible App, the devs of this app broke it down in sections so you can boost your spiritual strength before you head out.

You can sit comfortably with your kids and teach them to read, count, spell and so on with interactive apps on the

This is why it is the Future of TV …because you customize what you want to watch when you want to watch it as TV
time is limited for most people. I would say it is the future of the Television watching experience, because after
all you are  still just watching TV, but you are in charge of what you watch and when.

There are some very minor issues, like some apps require you to go to their site and enter a code, but you do that
once and you’re set.

Subscribe to this feed and i will install apps and test them so you dont install it only to find out you have to pay
to access the content. Developing apps is work.. so if the content is of value to you, consider giving the content
creator a sale. 
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