Artificial Intelligence predicted election

Despite all the experts on the various news channels around the world and numerous opinion polls the election went the opposite direction of what was expected. However an Artificial Intelligent company, MogIA , was able to predict the outcome accurately. How was that possible? and does it mean that the experts are rendered useless noisemakers?

Artificial Intelligent concepts has been around since the 1800’s and until recently it has advance to such incredible levels that it is blended into our everyday life that we don’t even notice. Basically an AI entity consists of 1000’s of neuron networks connected, much like the human brain. Each node in the network performs a specific task and then passes it’s data to another for further analysis until it gets to the end of the network and produces a result. There is no emotion or bias involved.

The AI that was able to predict the election took data from facebook, twitter and other sources analyzed it and made a prediction. Now the AI does not know the sentiments of the messages, but knew Trump had more engagement that Clinton and made a correct prediction.

Already some companies are using AI to make stock predictions or businesses owners using it to determine the best location and chances of success for their venture. Surely it will be able to quickly diagnose diseases, recommend medications and do many things to improve quality of life for all.

Here at Crystal Studios we are experimenting with AI concepts and it’s application in websites. Our aim is to enable the website to recognize it’s user and show products relevant or what the user will likely purchase.

As time passes will AI be able to predict the superbowl and other events? Who knows, we will have to see, but it is something that is here and at one point will claim it is conscious.

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