Brexit and the local web developer.

What is Brexit? As defined by Investopedia : An abbreviation of “British Exit” of the European Union. This has been all over the news lately and really, we are not qualified to give any kind of information about it. Watch CNN instead.  So you maybe wondering why Brexit and the local web design company or Brexit and the local web developer?

The reason for the title Brexit and the local web developer is purely for SEO purposes. According to Google, they look for content that is relevant to users. Now,  a machine is going to scan this content for keywords and assign some values to trending keywords.   These values along with some others will be fed into their  Network and produce some result to present to the user.

We will look at google analytics and see the frequency this page was visited by humans and bots.


Crystal Studios Web Design is a local web development company in the Westfield NJ, Cranford NJ, Scotch Plains NJ, Garwood NJ, Clark NJ and New York City. We are highly rated in Google and build traditional sites as well as apps for IOS , Android and the New Apple TV.

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