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Current state of online selling.

If you are a new business, breaking into the ecommerce scene can be quite challenging. Using reputable professional services can give you a boost in the process as opposed to the many DIY outfits where one size fits all. To race ahead of competitors or just catch up a lot of backend custom SEO work has to be done or you will just get lost in the interwebs forestry… somewhere after page 3 on Google.

Here are some interesting stats on online selling.

1: 85% of consumers abandon a purchase online.
2: 20% of consumers abandon a purchase because the site is too confusing.
3: 12% say lack of online support as the reason they abandon the purchase.
4: 46% say ecommerce review websites are first choice when researching a product.
5: 52% of consumers prefer to purchase goods through an online marketplace

Working closely with your developer will help you understand truly what’s involved in developing a pro site. A generic sales person will only tell you how to use their DIY software and while you can certainly get a decent looking site you may not get knowledge of how people are finding and using your site, and make wise decisions on tailoring your offline/online marketing. This is why many business owners who plan for long term success choose to go with a local reputable web developer, someone you can call directly and talk to about your site. Someone who can guide you in making the best decisions on user friendliness and overall good design and functionality.

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