Developing facebook marketing plan

Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Marketing on facebook is done differently than traditional methods like print, TV radio etc. It is a form of “word of mouth” advertising where like minded people come together. When someone likes your page, it is passed on to other members of that person’s circle of friends, and the viral process begins.
the plan for facebook marketing

Create a Strategic Plan:

1:Understand your fans: Facebook provides unique insights about who visits your page, what type of music they like , their political views etc. This can help you better understand your customer segments. Go to a competitors page and read comments by users and you will certainly get a better understanding of what is making your customers tick. Armed with this knowledge, you can make your fans feel special and that their business is important to you.

2: Your offer: This should be tailored for the audience segment you’re targeting. Facebook lets you target specific groups, locations age, gender and a few more. You should know clearly what your goals are. Are you trying to increase sales or drive traffic to your website or both. This will help you design your offer to your audience and maximize your return.

Facebook can help you increase sales. Either by a Facebook Ad Campaign or by being active in community groups and so on. You may even consider forming your own group if none exists, to share tips and tricks about your products and services. Remember to listen to customer feedback as just as good reviews can spread the opposite is also true.