direct response marketing on facebook

Direct Response Marketing on Facebook Pt 1

In this post we discuss some of the ways FB and Instagram can work for a direct response campaign.

Facebook and Instagram have a sophisticated suite of tools to help you target your desired audience, with a variety of ad formats suitable every device to meet your objectives. Suppose your goal is to get new customers or re-market to current customers, you need some way to measure the performance of the ad .direct response on facebook

What can you measure ?
Some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you can measure include metrics such as Lifetime Value, Downstream Value, Average Order Value, and Share of New Customers.

Solutions for measuring your campaign’s success.

Firstly you must know what KPI you want to measure and what metrics you would consider a success.
Using FB’s Ad Manager and Power Editor you can identify where the majority of your conversions take place. Say you observe most are taking place on a desktop machine over mobile, you can tailor your ads to those people further down the conversion funnel to desktop.

Facebook Pixel

This is a piece of code you add to your website or mobile app that allows you to measure, optimize and build and audience for your ad campaign. You can leverage the actions users perform on you site or app to build better campaigns.

Measure: See how users are moving through devices or your site before they convert. FB Pixel can help you do that.

Optimize: You can optimize your ads to people who will most likely take action , whether its buying a product or signing up for newsletter etc.

Audience Building.
Build a custom audience for people to re-target. Say someone took an action like visit a product page, wishlisted an item, added a product to the cart and so on. You can customize your ad accordingly. FB Pixel can help you automatically build that audience.

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