facebook marketing for business

Facebook Marketing for Businesses

A Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business.

More than 1 billion people every month come to connect with friends,family and businesses relevant to them. They send facebook messages about what they had for breakfast, where they are going etc. It is the largest social networking site in the world.

Advertising on Facebook allows you to reach those people.

Facebook offers some unique ways to market to customers, some paid and some free like pages,groups and events. Paid opportunities include “Cost Per Click” (CPC) or Cost Per Impression(CPM). Reach a narrow or wide an audience as you desire.

In this series of articles I will discuss how to get started with Facebook Marketing.

You should already be familiar with the benefits of having a FB page for your business from one of our previous articles. Now if you are good at running your business you should continue doing so and invest a few dollars in professional internet marketing services.

This first article in our series, we will discuss the structure of a Facebook Page.

In the image I have highlighted the main areas of the page.

In the header region you see three buttons. One is the “Like” button. When someone clicks this they are signaling their approval of your page and whatever you post will appear in their newsfeed and easy to share with friends . This “Like” button has become the internet standard for showing approval for content. It is a good idea to put one of these on your website and make your business more likeable.

The “Contact” button can be configured to point anywhere on the web but is usually configured to the “contact us” page on your company’s website.

The “Message Button” allows other users to use the FB internal messaging system to contact you. You will get notifications on your page and by email or sms.

In the body of the page you have the area where you compose your new content. Once you are done you publish it and it appears on the newsfeed of all that “Liked” your page.

On the right column you have a link that will invite friends. When this link is clicked a popup appears and lets the user choose any of his friends on FB to send an invite to like your page. This is good “word of mouth” advertising for you.

Then we have a “message now” link which functions the same as the Message button in the header. Finally a link to your company’s website.

Now you understand the anatomy of a facebook business page and how useful it can be for getting and communicating with clients. You can, of course do all this yourself if you have the time or give us a call and we will handle it for you and provide you with comprehensive analytics of your FB marketing campaign.

In my next post I will discuss developing a FB marketing strategy.
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