Facebook Page – Business Presence

A lot of small businesses struggle in determining what their Facebook presence should be. Should the lead be the brand, product or information about the business? It is not a simple decision for social media success. A business needs to communicate the right message that will resonate with their followers and potential followers in a meaningful way. When this happens the follower then listens to you, appreciate your wisdom and share with all their fb friends. Thus it is important to understand who your customers are and create your campaign accordingly.fb_presence

Understanding Your Customer.
Just as important as what your customer wants from your business functions, is what they dont want. Remember we are bombarded with marketing messages at every turn , some good, some bad and they come in all forms of transmission, email, internet ads, facebook ads and so on . Therefore it is crucial that your fb marketing campaigns add value to the customer’s life in a meaningful way.

Mapping customer to effective campaign tactics.
Every customer will be different in personality and purchasing patterns. You will have to segment your clients and create campaigns that will map to the different client types. This way you can create effective marketing tactics that will bring in the most for your efforts and dollars. Eg. Suppose you are a food store , you have a number of single parents clients who eat at home 6 days and another set that say, single and eat out mostly. This information can be extremely useful in creating highly effective campaigns, beneficial to the customer and, of course, you.

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