Higher Rankings with SSL

Google says it will incorporate SSL in it’s ranking algorithm because security is top priority for Google. According to Google” A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure”. For the past few months they have been testing and say it is only a small part and only affects about 1% of global queries.

Right now they advise that it is only a lightweight signal in their rankings as they wish to give webmasters time to convert their sites, but hiqh quality content will still be the main ranking factor.


What is SSL?

It is a common form of security on the web. You see it on the url bar with a lock icon and https:.

Should you convert your site to SSL?

It will certainly help your searching engine rankings. Although it is only in testing phase and not adopted by yahoo or bing yet, but they too will soon follow google. So I would say yes get started early.

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