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Preventing spam on your site.

Although a comment section is very useful for getting user feedback , many times you will find spam comments being posted, such as “get rich quick schemes” etc. This looks bad to your clients and you may not want the Search Engines associating your store with this type of content.

The idea behind spam is to get more web traffic to the generator’s site. Spammers know users of a site read comments and engage in discussions so it’s a perfect place to spam. Hoping for clicks back to their site.

How do we block spammers?

1: Use a captcha system. This requires a user to verify they are a real person and not a bot.
2: Set time limits between posts.
3: Use your moderation capabilities and check new users or your top posters for spammy comments and approve/disapprove comments before they are posted.
5: Blacklist terms like “legal streaming”, “pharma” etc.
6: Use software designed for catching spammers.
7: Delete old threads that will not be likely to get legit replies.


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