Retailers compete with big brands.

The collective power.

You've a beautiful modern site, now what?

Promote it. Get traffic to your site and convert them to customers. There are many ways to do this with Search Engine Optimization, paid social media advertising, adwords and so on. Cost can run up very quickly, with little ROI.

But what if you had access to traffic, say like having a store in a physical mall? Where people visit and may purchase something from you or become aware of your brand, even though that was not their intent... that would be great!

You can access that type of web traffic if your site were located in an online mall .

JANEMarketplace is the modern online mall where retailers collectively can get traffic that they could not as a separate entity. Let us create a site for you in our virtual mall and enjoy the benefits of high traffic volume and much more.

The benefits to the shopper.

Enormous conveniences are provided to the shopper. They can browse any variety of shops at their leisure. The virtual mall never closes and is accessible on a variety of devices. Though we created the JANEMarketplace mall for shopping via JANE Artificial Intelligent hybrid TV, it is accessible via any browser.
Users only need to create one account and can shop on any site on the network without having to fill out lengthy forms or they can shop on their their JANE AI TV via voice.
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