web security

Securing your wordpress website from hackers.

A client recently had their website’s homepage defaced and was in a state of panic. They claimed their popular hosting company told them it’s theirs’ or the developer’s responsibility to upgrade and maintain the site. TRUE!

It turns out they used some off-shore company that had thousands of devs that can handle any type of project for minimal cost, but they can’t get the support they need unless high fees are paid.

What happens in many cases, is your business site will be built in some internet cafe by students who share computers and may forget to close the last project they worked on therefore leaving your business and information vulnerable.

Here are some things you can do to prevent your site from getting hacked. Although nothing is 100% foolproof , these measures will help discourage any potential hacker.

1: Use security plugins like Wordfence.
2: Use secure login information.
3: Make regular backups .
4: Know who has admin access. Sometimes just an unqualified person turns into a web programmer and completely mangles the site, unintentionally.
5:Update to the latest version of wp and all the plugins. This comes with it’s own set of issues as often plugins are free and the devs do not upgrade them to work with the latest version of wp.
6: Use a local developer with reviews from businesses you know in the area. Perhaps you will pay a few dollars more but you will get the support and experience of a professional.