Shopping Online

Who is shopping online?

According to  comScore’s quarterly State Of Retail report, 198 million US consumers bought something online in the first quater of 2014. Here is a breakdown of the demographics according to BI Intelligence.

1: Men spend as much online as women.
2: Men are more likely to purchase on a mobile device than women.
3: Millenials (18-34) are the key online shoppers. They spend about $2000 per year.
4: 55% of online shoppers live in households with incomes above $75,000.
5: 22% of men made a purchase on their smartphones last year, compared to 18% of women.

Who is shopping online full article on Business Insider
who shops online
How can the small business leverage this online shopping information to improve their share of online shopping sales?
Firstly you should prepare your business to receive the online shopper. Like a house must be wired by a professional electrician before receiving power from the powerstation. Similarly your website should up to modern standards – responsive to the users’ device, and should provide a delightful user experience conducive to sales conversion.

Track how your customers are interacting with you site and optimize the most frequently visited area of the site.

Coordinate your offline marketing efforts with your online.

Allow easy checkout using a payment gateway like paypal so you clients know their credit Card information is secure and will have confidence in purchasing from you.

Use a modern shopping cart platform that allows for social media sharing and reviews, after all you want people to know about you products.

Have good product images, since cutomers cannot touch, smell or taste, having clear well composed images is the next best thing and essential for driving sales.

Use professional services! There are still many small business owners who don’t realize that the modern consumer uses the internet to research a company’s reviews, etc before commiting to a purchase. If your site looks like it was built by the ” A Guy” or “my neighbor 11 year old computer genius kid” then likely you will lose a potential client, though your products are the best in the area.

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