Guide to the Cloud

What is the cloud?

The cloud in simplified terms is a bunch of computers connected together. One tech guru explained it like this, imagine 1 computer(server) is a droplet of water , when millions of them come together they form a cloud. Hence all the individual servers connected forms a “cloud”. That’s it. No mystery there.
In more technical terms, it is scaled computing services dynamically generated as needed, providing greater flexibility, agility and economic benefit.

A funny scene from the movie Sex Tape about the cloud.

Should you host your business website on the cloud?

You should. Usually small businesses are hosted on a shared account with limited resources that is fixed, so say in a peak sales season or promo campaign your site gets overwhelmed with traffic, some users will have a less than optimum experience, slow loading times etc. resulting is revenue loss.

On the cloud, the resources automatically scales up to accommodate the extra traffic and reduces when no longer needed. Best part is you only pay for what you use.

This is amazing technology.

There is a lot more to the cloud for developers and other technical types of uses but it is useless knowledge for a small business owner. If you wish to learn more checkout google app engine or amazon web services documentation.

This is the essence of the cloud hosting and how it benefits a small business owner.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Cloud

Crystal Studios Web Design ( a highly rated company) is small business friendly and understands that a businesses owner has to run their business and not waste time keeping up with the latest in web technology. However the business website is a very important part of the success and growth of the business, and having a general understanding of how things work on the web will give you a competitive advantage.

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