SSL – What is it?

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol for establishing a connection that is secure and encrypted. It is indicated by “https:”. You will usually see the green lock in the url bar when SSL is enabled.

When SSL is enabled on the server users can transmit their information safely. It is unreadable by any device until it gets to it’s destined location.

The main purpose of SSL.

Protecting login data.
Safeguarding Your Privacy.
Secure Transactions
Improvement in Search Engine Ranking

How to use the SSL Certificate.

Firstly you must purchase the certificate from a reputable company. This process is usually handled by your web developer or web hosting company.

Who uses SSL?

SSL is mandatory if you are going to collect and process users credit cards on your site. The Credit Card industry has put out the PCI Compliance guide for processing payments on your site.

Not every site needs SSL .

If your cart utilize a payment gateway like paypal etc. SSL is provided py the payment processor, so you dont have to worry.

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