TVOS – Apple TV Streaming Media Development

The future of TV is here and it now possible for anyone to reach potential viewers in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen etc. Apple TV 4th Generation makes this possible. This new device changes the way people interact with their TV sets. Everything is on demand, on your schedule.


What does this mean for a person who creates original content?
Well now you can create a Channel App with it’s own icon that a user can place on their TV. At anytime, if they choose they can enjoy your creative content. You decide if it’s free or paid to access

Case Study: The “Caribbean Cooking” app we created.
Chef Martina Jackson has a series of original videos on Trinidadian Style cooking and a few thousand followers. We took the videos and separated them into relevant categories and created a TVOS app and App Channel for her. Now her followers can go to the TV App store, install her app and view anywhere in their house they choose. They can bring Chef Martina right into their kitchen to cook with them.

What about new content?
This is a awesome feature of the Apple TV which is why it is the future of TV. Just like updating your website or online store, you can upload your new content to your app at anytime and it streams to the viewers TV. There is no limit to what you can add to your app channel.

How to monetize your content?
With Apple TV you can charge for premium content, just like on-demand on cable tv. The viewer wishes to see premium content , she is taken to a payment page and upon success they access the content. No waiting for email verification or dvd to ship or lengthy web process checkouts. Easy and instant.

Should you develop a TV App?
Ask yourself if its a better experience for your clients on a TV. Eg, if you are a fitness instructor, chef, author, or just want to showcase your products on a large screen , then yes develop an app. Think about how people interact with their tv sets and if your content delivery through Apple TV would enhance their viewing experience, thus favoring your products.

We were one of the first to get the “Developers Kit” from Apple and we’re very familiar with the process of getting TV Apps into the the TV App store.
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