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Website hacking trends of 2016

According to Google, they saw a 32% increase of hacked websites in 2016 compared to 2015 . They expect the trend to continue as technology advances and more sites become outdated.

What happens if your site gets hacked?

You will be removed from the search engines. Although it may be impossible to preventing hacking, one can take precautions to make it difficult for hackers to bother with you. By working with reputable web development companies , you get the additional benefit of all the extra background work that goes into pro sites, such as backups, health monitoring, updating etc. that is necessary for any professional business.

You will have to find a way to remove the malware from your site and re-submit to Google for listing in the search results. This process can be time consuming and costly, nevermind the loss of positioning in the results if you had a good one.

Sites usually gets hacked by having outdated scripts or not updating security fixes if using open source software. Sometimes the web server where the site is hosted may be outdated. Another common way is by letting users upload files without your system checking and validating the file type. And most overlooked is giving admin access to users who should not have it.

Use experience and common sense.

On the surface it seems that everyone and anyone can build a website if they drag this here and drop that there and ‘magic’… you have a site..for next to nothing. That is probably true, however there is way more that needs to be done to compete for rankings in Search Engines and good user experience.

Using professional development firms conveys respect and appreciation to your potential client, and will suggest you take pride in your products and services and builds confidence in them to patronize your establishment.

When you invest so much effort into building your business, it’s very wise to have your website done professionally and securely by reputable web development companies, for the benefit of your customers and your overall success.

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