Your first business website.

As a modern business owner you already know consumers will research your offers online before a purchase. If you don’t have a web presence or a poorly developed one you may possibly lose a profitable sale to a competitor.

A professional business needs a professional online presence. You may see and hear of many “FREE” “DIY” propositions, but you are a business pro, you must surely know nothing is really “FREE” and DIY just means you will not attend to your core business and become a web developer.

Here are some of the key considerations when selecting your web development provider.

1: Can you communicate your ideas clearly to them? This may sound simple but it is technical in nature and not something business owners are used to. If there is a miscommunication and functionality has to be modified later, cost can increase significantly. Many times you will deal with a general sales person that will promise all sorts of unrealistic things, such as “No problem, we’ll get you on the first page of google in a week”. That is, in all practicality impossible. At Crystal Studios Web Design you will deal with a developer who understands the tech and can guide you skillfully.

2: Are you able to request a functionality feature, necessary for you to make effective sales, and your sales rep be able to show you where they have implemented that feature before? This is important, especially in a business that needs this customization, perforce, business success.

3: You must remember that the website is for your CUSTOMERS ease of use. Many developers like to add unnecessary animations etc., that serves no purpose except slow down loading of the site. Usually a homepage slider is sufficient.

4: You get what you pay for. No explanation needed here.

5: What sort of support will you get? This is important if you want to add new content or do things like backups etc . Do you want to manage the site yourself and add your content at will or do you wish to use extended paid support from your developer. How quickly is the response when you need something.

In conclusion, a properly developed , professional website will return it’s investment many fold and enusure your business projects trust , competency and a level of sophistication that the modern tech savvy customer will expect in your services and products.

Whether you need a custom application or customization of one of our turnkey solutions contact us today!

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