Technologies to keep you Safe and in Business!

According to The Atlantic “The big will get bigger as mom-and-pops perish and shopping goes virtual. More economic activity will flow into e-commerce.”

Tech experts say mom-and-pops can survive and flourish, become even more successful than pre-pandemic era.

But surviving and flourishing can only happen if businesses are willing to adapt, be open minded to new innovations in virtualization of the customer experience and employ the cutting edge technology most people are already familiar with.

2 Technologies emerge to aid in commerce and education during social distancing.

The TeleShop and The Virtual Classroom.

The TeleShop


“The Teleshop”

A Virtualization of the customer service experience.

How it works: Firstly there is no equipment to buy and it is setup in a matter of hours after contacting us.

Only a browser with an internet connection.

How it works: A customer visits your website , clicks on your “TeleShop” link, then enters his/her name and enters your store.

Here you or your employees are ready to greet and take orders, show products, address issues and maintain that all important customer relationship.

This kind of service and customer care is something impossible for the Amazons and likes to achieve.


the teleshop

These are challenging times for retail and it is essential that we are all willing to adapt. These new technologies will enable society to keep functioning while keeping us safe.

The cost for setting up your Teleshop is only $49.99 per month.

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 Case Study: Ziani Mens Clothing NYC . How a Manhattan high end men fashion store leveraged “The TeleShop” to maintain sales levels for the Easter/Passover season . ..Read More..

We make your job easier.

Engage Your Students!

  1. A full featured modern virtual classroom that mimics the physical.
  2. A live whiteboard with multi user interaction.
  3. Upload prepared docs and work together with your student.
  4. Share audio, webcams, chat , slides, screens and more.
  5. Emojis for students to express themselves.
  6. Public and private messaging.
  7. Full control over student audio video privileges.
  8. Record your sessions.
  9. Rent your classroom in 90 min sessions or monthly.

Try our virtual classroom free for 7 days.

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