What is The TeleShop?

The Teleshop is the virtualization of the customer service experience. We believe it will be the safest way for small business to keep their customers and operate within the guidelines. Businesses and consumers must adjust to the evolving post pandemic commerce, using the technology already familiar to all. 

Why add a Teleshop?

The TeleShop is an addition to your current website/online store. A customer may wish to get more info on a particular item or have some issue and need to speak with you, or shop with their friend who may be in another location. The TeleShop technology enables them to do that.

 The savvy business owner will create a compelling shopping experience and rich communications with their clients. This personal virtualization of your customer service and interaction is something that cannot be accomplished by big box stores.

Neither you nor your do not have to be a technology expert to use the teleshop, it is built on familiar tech.  Make the TeleShop part of your digital strategy and be prepared for the unexpected.

Who can use?

Retailers, restaurants, real estate agents,  concierge services, contractors ,anyone who wishes to maintain personal relationships with their customers while staying safe.

How much?

The TeleShop runs on the cloud and cost $49.99 per month. There is no equipment to buy , you can use your smartphone. However if you wish to create that compelling shopping experience you may choose dedicate cameras and mics. Up to you.

Demo Video